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Parents are advised to seek help if they notice troubling changes in their child's eating, sleeping, grades or social lives that last for more than a few weeks. If a child has 5 or more of the following symptoms present at once during a two week period, he or she may be suffering from Depression:

  • Feeling Sad
  • Loss of Interest or Enjoyment of Activities
  • Change in Appetite or Weight
  • Excessive Frustration or Irritability
  • Difficulty Sleeping or Oversleeping
  • Energy Loss or Fatigue
  • Feelings of Worthlessness or Inappropriate Guilt
  • Difficulty Thinking and Concentrating
  • Recurrent Thoughts of Death or Suicide
Approximately 1/3 of clinically depressed people attempt Suicide, the 3rd Leading Cause of Death Among 10 to 24 year olds. The Warning Signs Include:
  • Feelings of Helplessness and Hopelessness
  • Self-Destructive or Reckless / Risk Taking Behavior
  • Preoccupation with Thoughts of Death
  • Extreme Withdrawal from Friends, Family, and Usual Activities
  • Giving Away Favorite Possessions
  • Neglect of Academic Work and / or Personal Appearance

Call for Help

-Livingston County Community Health Services: 517.546.4126
-Washtenaw County Community Mental Health Services-
-University of Michigan Joint Psychiatric Emergency Services: 734.996.4747
-Ozone House: 734.662.2222

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